>> About Levar: My Partners

Everyone has a part in helping our continuous effect to inspire and motivate today’s youth.

Levar Fisher, Inc. | More Than a Pro is fortunate to develop and foster partnerships with the following organizations and institutions.

Athletes Against Drugs
Bill Glass Champions For Life
Dwyane Wade Foundation
Fellowship Of Christian Athletes
Kids Are Heroes
Chasing 4 Life Organization
Keith Davis Winners Inc.
NFL Players Association
National Association of Black Sports Professionals
North Carolina State University
Ray of Hope on Earth
Retired Professional Football Players of Chicago
Sports World Ministries
Robert Pears Photography

Interested in becoming an Endorsing Partner for our F.R.E.E.Z.E. & THINK  campaign? Here's How!

Without good partners, how would we spread our message, collaborate on projects of mutual interest, share networking contacts, and widen the spotlight for all to be seen? F.R.E.E.Z.E. & THINK  Endorsing Partners receive online visibility through social media campaigns and blog postings, mentions at tour events, and other opportunities to bring a positive youth message to a waiting audience. We welcome your email or phone call should your corporation or organization be interested in creating a mutually supportive partnership.