>> About Levar: Testimonials

I have never seen somebody that works as hard as Levar Fisher. He is a great person to be around– He’s a tremendous leader and knows how to lead. He has a great personality, always keeping us laughing and upbeat, just a great leader!

Philip Rivers, QB San Diego
NC State Wolfpacker Magazine

Levar Fisher engages, enlightens, and empowers his audience to achieve their personal and professional goals. Levar shares his early years through his football career and talks about the lessons he learned along the way – lessons his audience can benefit from. Levar is a man of integrity, character, and passion.

Anthony McPherson, President
Life Skills Consultant
Gideon Group, Inc.

Levar has a magnetic personality anyway, but you put him in front of an audience, and his charisma is off the charts. He has a natural ability for pulling people into his stories. They can visualize the moments with him - laughing and crying when he talks about his "near misses" as a youth and actually cheering when he talks about his wins as an athlete. I know from my own experience on the speaking circuit that being able to engage people and have them feel your message is the goal. I've never heard a speaker who was so gifted at reaching that goal. Levar is exactly what he says he is...more than a pro.

Mary Kurek, Visibility Consultant and Author
Mary Kurek, Inc.

My experiences with Levar have always been a blessing! His transparency and ability to communicate to audiences of all ages has been remarkable to watch. Levar has a true gift of being able to make you laugh and cry all in the same hour. I have seen him speak to large groups of many types of people and he is always engaging, intimate and sensitive to his listeners. Time and time again, I enjoy the privilege of being in his presence. I would highly endorse Levar Fisher because has proven many times that is "More than a Pro"- he is a hero who knows where he comes from and is not afraid to share it for the sake of helping others.

Sue Crawford
Fellowship of Christian Athletes

As one of Levar’s teammates, I can say that he always found a way to motivate the man beside him. He is full of energy and enthusiasm. In order to be in the same room with Levar or on the same field, you better have very high goals and expectations–he expects you to chase greatness. Levar is a big-time believer and a great family man. I enjoyed every minute on and off the field with Levar. He was a perfect teammate and great motivator.

Clayton White
Running Back and Special Teams Coordinator,UCONN

We love has dynamic personality and his sensitivity to children. He reminder our students to do the right thing at an early age- minimizing mistakes from his young days. Thank you for this opportunity for our kids.

C’Ann Reilly, Principal
Our Lady of Peace

From my experience working with Levar, he is a man of valor, strength, and integrity. I appreciate his leadership and direct communication but most of all, I have the utmost respect for Levar as a husband and father. Gracious, filled with character, sincere…that’s Levar.

Michelle Hill, Strong Copy Quarterback
Winning Proof